8 Kinds of Home Health Care Equipment to Improve Your Life

It is a fact that your health is your most precious wealth. However, in spite of knowing this invincible truth, people in today’s hectic life schedule sometimes fail to take out time for health care especially massage. Apart from routine health care practices, it is important to go for something extra once in a while like body or foot massage. A little care through several home health care devices can make life simpler, easier and comfortable.

3 tips for you to choose the right products and right supplier

Massaging different parts of the body has been proven to be a therapeutic treatment which not only heals many medical conditions, but is also known to improve blood circulation, minimize mental stress and anxiety, improve sleep, relax muscles, helps to lose weight as well as reduce pain considerably.

There are many countries across the world promoting massage as a therapeutic treatment. However, for those who find it difficult to take out time to visit massage centers and hire specialists, a broad range of home health care massage appliances can be of most help. However while buying such equipment one must keep in mind:

• You need to choose reliable manufacturer audited by BSCI, ISO 9001, SGS, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 etc..
• You need to buy certified products acclaimed by Prop 65, FCC, RoHS, CE, CB, ETL, FDA, KC, etc..
• Buy a product which comes with guarantee/warranty or proper customer care service.

Here are some of the most useful home health care massage appliances that are in high demand in the international market.

1.Foot Spa Massager

A foot spa massager comes with multi winged advantages in improving your overall health condition apart from relieving pain and muscle stress. Foot massage helps to improve blood circulation, thereby improving sleep and relaxation as well as mood, enhances energy, as well as it can be used to detoxify your body.

Adding a little salt to the water creates negative oxygen ions, which neutralizes the charged particles in your body and drives away the toxins. Infrared therapy is also helpful to relieve and heal foot injuries, however one should use them as per doctor’s advice in case of injuries.

2.Eye Massager

Nowadays you get Multi-Functional Eye Massager which is equipped with multiple features to relax, sooth, and heal your stress eye muscles, tissues. Look for an eye massage device which has the latest features like vibration massage, air pressure, easily foldable, heat compression and inbuilt music all within the compact design, battery operated and USB chargeable device.

Gentle massaging air pressure, soothing heating accompanied with vibration on the acupuncture points of eye balls helps to relax eye muscles after stressful day of work in front of computers, writing job, or factory work, etc.

3.Foot Steam Sauna

While buying a foot steam sauna, it is essential to buy a product which comes with quality thermal insulation, infrared heating, fast heating, user-friendly control panel to modulate temperature, etc. Nowadays advanced steam sauna offers both foot sauna and hip sauna as well.

In general, a foot sauna helps to relieve muscle and tissue stress, releases tension, detoxifies, removes dead skin, opens up tissue in dry sauna and improves over all blood circulation. Since the heat of the tourmaline stones, smoothening vibrating effect penetrates deep into tissue apart from stress relieving, it also heals pain and softens the skin.

4.Hand Care Massager

According to many studies and researches around the world, hand massage, which puts pressure on the acu pressure points that is the nerve endings helps to rejuvenate overall health condition. It not only reduces hand pain but also improves sleep and enhances blood circulation that further minimizes anxiety and depression, elevates mood and help in improved functioning of hand muscles.

5.Jet SPA

Bath spa is a well-known method of full body relaxation. With an advanced Jet Spa, you can actually improve your bathing experience, enjoy spa at your home pool and relax. Whether you want powerful jet streams after a tiring day, or a simple bubble bath, an advanced jet spa device comes with adjustable spray nozzle to modulate jet stream power, direction, etc.

You must look for devices with customizable spray nozzle, which can be used in every direction, compact size and comfortable voltage range around DC13.5V. Powerful ultra tech jet spa machines come with additional long power cord, strong suction cup attachment that allows you to put it anywhere on the bathtub.

6.Massage Chair

Looking for complete relaxation and body massage while you sit relaxing? If yes, then you need to get a massage chair. The latest massage chairs in the market come with intelligent programming where a series of massage techniques including kneading, extrusion, Tuina, music beat, malaxation, etc. are symmetrically used to offer entire body relation.

Integrate a bit of massage therapy into your life and bring upon healthy changes like better sleep, minimum anxiety, relaxation, improved blood circulation and muscle relation. Get your own massage device today to relax and bid good bye to anxiety, stress, muscle stiffness and pain.

7.Massage Shawl

Pain in the neck and shoulders one of the most common health threats in all ages which occurs mostly due to poor spinal posture, sleep deprivations, wear and tear of spine, etc. Even more excessive stress and anxiety can lead to stiff neck.

Massage Shawl is professionally designed neck and shoulder massager which relieves pain and stiffness of neck and shoulder with a combination of vibration, heat and kneading. Essential features for a good massage shawl must include hands free design, kneading and vibrating motions, heating, and tapping massage pattern.

These massage shawls are effective for relaxation and pain relieving of neck, shoulders, back, thigh or waist for deep tissue relief, relaxation of stiff muscles, enhanced blood circulation to improve circulation thereby improving energy.

8.Cervical Vertebra Massage

These massage devices are designed in accordance with the cervical curve of human body in order to relieve pain through electric pulse therapy. Low frequency electric pulses, clubbed with infrared heating to sooth the aching tissues, as well as a magnetic field which help reach beneath the deep tissue to the bone.

These are highly portable devices, which can be used anywhere on the go in car or buses, while in office, etc. It is best to buy a cervical vertebre massage device which has either USB charging mode or battery operated or both, which makes it portable over the other useful features like digital display, voice guide, pulse massage, etc.

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